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Brad Kopanke Film Portfolio

Some highlights from Brad's body of work.

SP FLEXTAPE 4 (Prerelease version) Password: "bless47"

The fourth, and newest, installment of the Sauce Posse’s FLEXTAPE series, featuring footage from the second half of the 17/18 ski season. An early, working draft that will be cut down a few minutes. any and all criticism is welcome.

Film Sampler

Some of my favorite shots from 2016-2017. Edited Aug. 2017 in the Seattle U computer lab. Had to prematurely export once it was discovered that I was not, in fact, a Seattle U student. Please forgive the glitches.


A quintessential SP posse cut from Spring 2017 at Mission Ridge.

Sean and Brooke's Wedding Video

A video made for friends of mine. First attempt using a 4k camera, shooting a wedding in 4k (in hindsight, a mistake), and trying to edit said 4k video on my outdated desktop. Learned a lot with this one.

"Mission Minutes"

Series of one-minute spots from 2017/2018, commissioned by Mission Ridge.